"I would like to take a moment to recount our incredible experience with Crosspointe Architects in designing our new church Sanctuary. We were in great need of assistance with our building design and interior finishes when we came across Steve and Becca.  

Steve and Becca brought a
high level of expertise and professionalism in helping us design a plan for our new Sanctuary. They were easy to work with and were incredibly prepared when they came to visit. They helped us select a “look and feel” that is true to our church personality, and did so with keen insight and observation into what we were looking for. It was evident that they listened intently and helped us narrow down our selections to what we were truly looking during our discussions together.  

Over the course of our meetings, we not only feel a professional connection, but experienced a deeply personal touch and interest in our church and our mission. Their assistance in design and selection of interiors helped us in forming a plan for our new Sanctuary that we believe will truly be a gift to our community.

Crosspointe was
quick to help us assess our needs and to offer solutions that were both economical and practical in our circumstances.   They not only helped us set a course of action, but truly helped steer our project.

Steve did an
incredible job with our plans and was a pleasure to work with.  He was incredibly thorough and attentive to the needs and desires of our church leadership team. In the short few months he worked with us, it seemed that he quickly learned our likes and dislikes and offered many helpful solutions and suggestions.  His skill and expertise as an architect is very evident.

We would definitely utilize the services of Crosspointe Architects again on future projects, and lve the new Sanctuary that they have helped us design. If you are looking for someone to help design and develop your church building project,
I would highly recommend Crosspointe Church Architects. --  Rev. Greg Liles  

"Working with Steve Upham to create a master plan and design our first phase building has been an incredibly positive experience. ...His personal ministry experiences, combined with a great education and years in the field of church architecture, uniquely qualify him to design a church facility that is both beautiful and very practical. He knows how churches function, what they are trying to accomplish and what they need to minister effectively in this present generation.
In addition to his extensive experience and Christlike character, the thing that truly sold us on Steve was his approach in designing the facility using a design summit. The design summit enabled us to accomplish in two weeks what normally takes several months. It allows us to have immediate input into the design and gave our people a sense of ownership. It really was exciting to see the building begin to come to life right before our eyes in just a matter of a few hours together. It was truly a memorable experience.

One of the amazing things about Steve to me, was how he was able to capture the design, look and feel that we hoped the building would have. He discerned the personality of our church and correctly interpreted our dreams. He took our vague and abstract ideas and brought them to life.

Our project had some real time deadlines and Steve's attitude was one of "whatever it takes". He worked through the night and around the clock to meet those deadlines. He is a hard-working, creative, experienced and godly man. I highly recommend him to you. I know he will do a great job in helping you design the facility that Christ has put into your heart to build for his glory."  -- Glenn Meredith, Sr. Pastor   

"I want to express how pleased we are with the process and product provided to us by Crosspointe. Starting with our initial interview, and throughout the whole process, you showed yourself true partners and friends.

We found the Design Summit both novel and stimulating
. You promised a clear, comprehensive process and you delivered! This saved us months of planning and going back and forth. The experience was not only effective, it was fun.

We also appreciated your coaching and expert opinion. You are truly a great team! Steve, you showed "A1" technical expertise. Becca, you brought your many years of experience in ministry to bear as well. You guys could not only speak to the technical issues of design and development, but you could also talk to us about the heart of ministry and the purpose behind the design.

I appreciated most the personal touch with which you operated. ...You won us over with your sincere and personal interest in who we are as a ministry.  ...You helped us dream, and then put it on the drawing board. Now, our dream is published and we are in process to making it a reality. Thank you so much for your help.
-- Kwesi R. Kamau, M.Div., Sr. Pastor  

"Steve was very helpful, informative and encouraging. Andy [our Executive Pastor] was so impressed... ...we invited Steve to travel to Amarillo and sit with us for a two day "summit." It was one of the best growing and learning experiences we have had as leaders for our church community.

The summit was more than just talking about building design. Steve was genuinely interested in the personality and unique mission of our community. We spent two days learning and designing an appealing and functional facility that will help us fulfill our mission.

I highly recommend Steve to you. He is not merely an architect, but a brother in the body of Christ and an encourager as well....  You won't regret working with Steve!" -- Kurt Oheim, M.Div., D.Min., Lead Pastor         

"Steve worked very well with our committee and he brought energy to the table along with sensible and practical ideas.
Steve works well in a team environment, he is capable, knowledgeable, and he was the right fit for us. In fact, some of our building committee members have made the comment that he was a God send!"  --Wayne Netherland, Building Committee Chairman   

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. The Elders and the Building/Planning committee have been overwhelmed with not only your expertise and professionalism, but also your sincerity and approachability. We have been particularly pleased with how you are able to understand and relate our ministry to the design. You were able to drive the discussion toward fruitful solutions and, you were able to handle the difficult issues with a combination of grace and candor.

Your experience provided quick answers with understandable explanations to our questions . You were careful to always consider ministry, people flow, aesthetics, and the total “feel” of the new environment while keeping our budget always in mind. I would definitely recommend Crosspointe to any church with a new building program in their future. -- Mike Levy, Building Committee Chairman  

" My congregation and I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in designing our new sanctuary.  From the first meeting, through the final design, your staff listened to our needs and desires, and produced a beautiful and inspiring place of worship. Members and visitors alike still marvel at the beauty and functionality of the space which lends itself to both contemporary and traditional worship.

Our new sanctuary is used regularly by local and touring choirs because of its excellent acoustics.  In addition your ability to blend the new sanctuary with our existing structures offers the appearance that the two units were designed and constructed together.

All in all we are very pleased with and proud of our sanctuary.  We would highly recommend your services to other congregations in search of a quality worship space." -- Dr. John Judson, Sr. Minister  

"Steve Upham met with our Building Committee, listened to our needs, and proceeded to offer us a number of different building concepts. ...Based on our experience I highly recommend them.  The congregation loves it! We are pleased with everything about it. You exceeded my expectations. This is a design that you can and should be proud of." -- Dr. John Judson, Sr. Minister  

“This letter is written to anyone who is considering having a Design Summit with Steve  Upham of Crosspointe Architects. I discovered Mr. Upham's work on the internet, and I was so impressed with his church designs and experience that I kept in contact with him for when we would be ready for him to design our church in upstate New York.

We chose to participate in Crosspointe's "Design Summit" process with our building team.  Our experience with Steve during the summit was an extremely positive one. His expertise, understanding of church needs, and listening heart led to a productive time that furthered our church building project more than we had hoped. As we spoke, we were able to see the different floor plan options as he sketched - we got to see our vision come to life. It truly was a beneficial time and I highly recommend it to any church that is about to embark upon a building project. 

Our experience with Steve after the Design Summit continued to impress us. Steve was attentive to our needs and he often went "the extra mile." Based upon our time with Steve both during and after the Design Summit, we selected Steve as our architect for our building project and would recommend Steve to anyone seeking to work with an architect.

Now that the building has been completed, I can report that we are very pleased with the resulting church structure and campus design. Our church building turned out to be much larger and more beautiful than we could envision before the construction. Steve advice on how to structure the multi-purpose worship was invaluable. 

The Lobby has become a favorite place for so many of our members. I'm glad that he suggested the "lodge" concept for this space. (The fireplace and comfortable seating area are just right for the personality of our congregation.) We are so thankful for such an inspired design!"  -- Rev. Paul McCart, Pastor  

“ I would like to recommend Steve Upham and Crosspointe Architects to anyone looking for a professional for their church project. Steve's Design Summit approach is a great way for your church leaders to have direct input and participation in the design of your building or campus. We found this process to be engaging, effective and efficient. All of us who participated really enjoyed the process almost as much as the results.

In summary: Steve  is very knowledgeable and professional. I consider Steve to be one of the best in his field of architecture,  particularly for churches.” -- Rev. Ron Holton, Sr. Pastor  

"Great acoustics! The best I've ever experienced in a worship center this size. Wonderful for drama and worship - I'm very pleased." -- Brandon Banks, Minister of Music

"When we began searching for an architect to provide plans for a new church facility, we realized we had made the right choice when we selected you and your Grace Plan for our growing church. It became clear to us the value in having you come to Queen City and meet with the board. You helped us work through the many plan options.

You were the only architect who asked us the right questions. (What are our major priorities in a new structure? And, tell me about your church service and education department. Your preaching, teaching and style of music and orchestration.) When we began to place plans in the hands of building contractors for estimates and job quotes the information was complete. From past experience, we know the importance of detail. The more we work with the plan it is evident you spent many hours thinking through each room location and size. It is a pleasure to see things come together. There are no disappointments in the quality of your work.

Steve, thank you for your continued support. We like doing business with professionals who care about our business. That's a rare find in America these days. Should you have prospects who are trying to make a choice, please ask them to give me a call. I would be delighted to speak with them and recommend your firm." - Pastor Billy Dupree   See Letter

"I commend you and your team for the fine service you provide to churches. You make this task much more pleasant and manageable. God bless you in this ministry to the church!" - Dr. Jeff Lancaster, Sr. Pastor  

"Over the course of several meetings, Steve has been able to bring fresh ideas to the table while taking into consideration the thoughts of our team. I have been extremely impressed with his creativity and skills. He has proven that he can “think outside the box” when it comes to meeting the needs of our fast growing congregation. Steve is very professional and brings many years of experience in design and construction.  I am pleased to give my highest recommendation for Steve Upham to serve you as an architect for your upcoming building project." - Cole Phillips, Lead Pastor 

"I want to thank you on behalf of our congregation for the powerful design that you have created to project a new image for our church. Your design for a new entry pavilion and colonnade make it warm and inviting. We appreciate that you were aware of our budget, and kept the design within our means.

Two years ago I attended your seminar course on church design at Trinity Bible Institute. I found you to be knowledgeable in all areas of church design and how churches are really used. I knew then that when our church was ready to build, that we should select you for the design. Thanks again for the creative solution, on-site consultations, and the quick service on the construction drawings. Working with a Christian brother has been a blessing." - Craig Beam, Elder and Building Committee Chairman 

"As pastor of Parkway United Methodist Church, I take great pleasure in giving my hearty recommendation to Steve Upham and Crosspointe Architects. They were vital in helping us design and get into our first facility, a 14,000 square foot multi-purpose building.

I believe that God lead us to Crosspointe after other frustrating experiences with architects who did not understand the nature of ministry facilities in a contemporary context.

Steve and his team truly went to work for us. They were servants of the vision God gave Parkway (United Methodist) and brought their experience and skills to the table to provide us with a facility that meets our physical needs within the parameters of our budget limitations. Beyond the professional experience they provided, we also benefited from their willingness to work hard with a helpful attitude. This has been especially gratifying for a church building its first building.

I appreciate their creative designs and even more their ability to understand the unique needs of our church and shape their design to fit our individual needs. 

Our church's ability to love more people into a relationship with Jesus Christ is being fueled through the work of Crosspointe Architects. Our church is extremely grateful.                                                                --Rev. Paul Clines
" We have been very pleased with Steve and his company. In meeting with us, Steve has shown a great understanding of the theology of the church. . . and an appreciation for the way in which churches work and make their decisions. His professionalism combined with willingness to help and serve the church has made all our committee members feel that we are getting the kind of expertise that we need to make decisions about our future growth.  His enthusiasm for the work of the church has helped others catch the vision of what God can and is doing in and through us. 

I highly recommend Steve Upham for his unusual ability not only to understand the church’s needs
but also to appreciate the church’s ministry and how architecture plays a role in that ministry. We could not be more pleased . . .  " -- Rev. Kevin C. Rudolph, Sr. Minister
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