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At Crosspointe Architects we are Problem Solvers...

People ask Lead Church Architect Steve Upham - "What is it that you really do?"  People tend to think that as an architect, it is all about design. While we are designers and we do design great church buildings - what we really are is PROBLEM SOLVERS. I love a good challenge! And most of our church design clients have challenges - and I am determined to solve them. 

Becca Upham heads up our Church Interior Design department. She has studied church growth and music ministry trends and knows how to ask your leadership the right questions to get the real needs - not just the obvious ones.

The other common misconception is that as Church Architects we must be all about "the building". Most architects and designers are - but Steve and Becca Upham are all about ministry. If a building is the solution to the ministry needs, then they design a great building. They understand that in ministry terms - a building (no matter how beautiful) is really just a tool for ministry.

Often the best solution is not readily apparent - instead of the obvious thinking: "You are out of space for that ministry so you need to build", for example. Sometimes the solution can best be solved by thinking outside of the box - perhaps rescheduling ministries so an existing space can work for several functions. Because of our unique solution-oriented, interactive design methodologies we have developed - we often end up with surprising, but wonderful solutions.

Give us a chance to solve your biggest challenge!

Our team at Crosspointe Architects can make the experience of designing a new site or building a rewarding one. With 28 years of architectural church experience, exclusive church plans and unique interactive design processes, our team will save your church time and money. 

Through our innovative architectural building design processes, our creative church architecture specialists will exceed all your expectations. We have designed over 240 churches in 77 cities - we are confident we can design yours!

Our array of church-specific services include:
  • Custom Church Building Design and Construction Plans
  • Landmark church designs such as our Signature Series for exceptional ministries
  • Hands-on interactive Design Summit Workshop
  • Master Site Planning for long-term growth (and with an eye to the entire visitor experience from arrival to building entry)
  • Our innovative MinistrySpaces for how contemporary churches really function
  • Our special variety of helpful Consulting Services
“Great acoustics! The best I’ve ever experienced in a worship center this size. Wonderful for drama and worship—I am very pleased.”
—Brandon Banks, 
    Minister of Music  

Steve worked very well with our committee and he brought energy to the table along with sensible and practical ideas. He guided us through the process and invested many hours onsite meeting with our building committee until the design had been completed, and he continued to support us throughout the permitting process. 

In summary, Steve works well in a team environment, he is capable, knowledgeable, and he was the right fit for us. In fact, some of our building committee members and staff have made the comment that he was a God send!
-- Wayne Netherland, 
Building Committee Chairman

Are you looking for an
architectural firm with
experience in church
building design?

Crosspointe Architects has  
designed over 200 church
projects. And we are ready to 
design your custom church. 
You’ll find our professional staff
committed to superior church
architecture and interior design
as well as sensitive to the
building costs for your church. 
Our extensive experience 
includes designing more 
than 2.5 million square feet 
of new worship space for 
churches over the past
27 years. We have worked
with 18 denominations and
60 non-denominational 

Contact us now to see how 
Crosspointe can design a 
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Do you know how
to begin on your
church’s building

We recommend you start with  
our new Turning Point Day 
consulting package or our
Design Summit Workshop.

Using our compelling hands-
on approach, Crosspointe 
Architects will provide 
professional guidance from 
concept to interior finishes, 
and everything in between. 
Over the years, our team has 
developed effective church 
design processes. Join our 
growing family of  satisfied 
church clients and experience 
our step-by-step guidance. 

Are you looking for great church building plans?

A well designed building is the legacy of good stewards and will benefit the congregation for years to come.

Crosspointe Architects has developed a unique group of pre-designed church building plans (The Crosspointe Collection) designed to save your church both time and money.

These are based on our extensive experience, and we can customize our unique plans to meet your congregation's specific needs and personality. Contact us for a free phone consultation.

Our Signature Series offer dynamic fresh designs for today's churches, and will be exclusively yours. These can be customized to meet your needs.
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