Church Contractors 
We are often asked to suggest contractors who have church experience. We have worked with many church builders over the years.  Listed below are excellent church builders we suggest you consider:

Triad Retail Construction, Inc.

The team at Triad are best known for their retail construction, but they have built many church projects as well. They provide services nationwide. The benefit of Triad is that they are very fast - and this means the project is built sooner, and there is less overhead, saving your church money. Triad has worked in 48 states and location does not hinder them. They have many corporate repeat clients - and companies like J.C.Penney, Best Buy, Old Navy, etc. would not come back many, many times if Triad did not deliver on time and with excellent quality - every time. Contact Triad at 281-485-7722 or

WB Construction & Sons

WB Construction & Sons, Inc. is a Texas-based firm that builds churches across Texas and nationwide. Owner Wallace Batiste is meticulous about the quality of his company's work. They have built a number of churches and are many of his clients are African-American congregations. He has many excellent references and enthusiastic clients. One thing about Wallace's company is that  they are very efficient and organized- so they build much faster than traditional contractors do - and this means there is less overhead, saving your church about $25,000 for each month saved.  Contact Wallace and his team at (409) 840-9220 or

J. H. Batten, Inc.

J. H. Batten, Inc. is well known and respected across the southeast for excellent church construction. They primarily serve churches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee. They provide traditional construction, team build and design/build services. Crosspointe will team up with J. H. Batten as the lead designer on church projects where both firms are engaged by the church. Crosspointe's 28 years of church design coupled with Batten's 23 years of quality construction is a winning team for your church. Contact Steve Vogler at (336) 595-8917 or (877) 595-6262 or  

Redden Construction, Inc.

Redden Construction builds churches across Arizona - over 220 churches so far. Their 60 years of experience with over 1,000 "unconditionally satisfied customers" is a testimony to the quality of their construction excellence. Contact Melody Barbato at  602-271-0595 or for more information.

Tri Contracting

David Hill and Tri Contracting have constructed a number of churches in the Houston area. They are known for making great things happen on tight budgets, and for creative solutions to any challenges that develop. Contact David Hill at  (832) 220-6186 or

Other Great Resources

Griffin Capital is one of the nation's premier church lending services. Founded by Pastor Bruce Craig, Griffen offers loans to churches in all 50 states. These range from $75,000 up to $25 million. Their load approval process is simpler than most, and includes an online preliminary application. Their website is www.firstchurchfinancing.com540-736-7360

Danny and John Muzyka of Service Realty are the experts in church real estate in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Denver. 972-424-2000

We are very happy to recommend Soundtech - a service-oriented A/V systems integration company based in Texas. Established in 1984, their experience is outstanding, and they have worked with churches of all sizes and budgets across the country. Contact Jon Sprinkle or Brent Barnes at 936-632-8484. 

Todd Carver developed this company to offer both pre-fab and custom designed and built welcome centers for churches. Envisionary Images is a great resource. They offer rolling booths for welcoming, checking in, and coffee stations. Contact Todd at 817-422-2329.

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