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Architectural Plans

Custom Designs

Often, the first step in custom church architecture is to identify the physical and spiritual goals with your team. We know how to ask the right questions

We typically develop the Master Site Plan and the Conceptual Building Design together as a cohesive process. We pioneered a unique conceptual design process we call The Design Summit Workshop.

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The next step is to develop the presentation plans and the artist’s renderings

We suggest opting for the highly-recommended video animation, so you can successfully launch your fundraising campaign.

After the presentation plan comes the design development phase

This is where the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and building methods are decided. Interior finishes are also part of the design development phase.

The last step is the construction documents phase

In this phase, all the drawings from architects, engineers, and interior designers are fully detailed. These are the architectural plans from which the building is built.

From the first meeting, through the final design, your staff listened to our needs and desires, and produced a beautiful and inspiring place of worship. Members and visitors alike still marvel at the beauty and functionality of the space which lends itself to both contemporary and traditional worship.
— Dr. John Judson, Sr. Minister